Music Lessons and Social Distancing During COVID-19

Should You or Your Child Start Lessons?

With the need for social distancing and homeschooling, you may be wondering if it is possible to add music to your child's home schooling curriculum. Are you working from home and needing something new to do to help pass the time?

Video lessons are a great way to add music to your day now that kids will most likely be missing it from not attending public school. Video lessons will also add some diversity to your schedule and help distract you from the stress of staying away from others. It is possible to learn viola and violin from the very beginning without in-person lessons. I am offering two types of video lessons, private and group. 

Private lessons will be either Facetime or Google Hangouts. Group classes will be taught via Zoom. 

Students will learn how to hold their viola and violin properly with good posture, then we will move on to the beginning stages of reading music. Once I feel the student has a solid grasp on properly holding their instrument, we will move on to using the bow.

For the younger students, ages 7-11, I request parents be present during lessons or classes to take notes on what we do so that their child can effectively practice during the week. 

Payment is made through Square online and invoices will be sent prior to the lessons / classes. 

Private lessons: For students who register for lessons prior to March 21, 2020, I will offer a discount of $5 off 30 minute lessons (normally $27.50, discounted to $22.50). The discount will remain for any lessons taken in March. Normal rates resume in April. 

Group Classes: Beginner group classes will be scheduled once there is enough students willing to commit to a time. I would like to start a class the beginning April, 2020. Classes are $10  / week. You do not need to be in Vermont to take the group class! 

Vermont Violins on Church St in Burlington, VT is now shipping rental instruments to families so that you don't need to leave your home to begin lessons! Please contact them for more information. 

Please contact me if you have any questions about starting viola or violin lessons or classes!