Kind Words From My Students and Families

Lee O., Violin Student. Beginner Adult Classes and Private Lessons

"If you are seeking a highly skilled and supportive violin teacher for a player of any skill level or age, I enthusiastically recommend Williston violinist Sharon Waxman!  Sharon meets you where you are, then expertly discerns what next steps are needed, technically and artistically, to move you forward in your playing.  She models and provides clear feedback. Above all, Sharon is positive, patient, and encouraging. She truly believes in her students and makes learning the violin fun!"

Susanne T., Violin Student. Adult Intermediate Level Private Lessons

"About 6 months ago I decided to no longer just attend my kids music lessons, but take up my violin again. Having had violin lessons for many years as a kid, I did not touch the instrument for almost two decades. I was fortunate to find Sharon. After now about 3 months of taking regular lessons, I’m back to practicing regularly and enjoying it! I’m confident that I can find a group to play with, which was one of my goals
Sharon has given me back a structure how to go about practice, covering all aspects from bowing, speed and intonation. I have been working on two nice pieces.
Sharon brings this great combination of being strict, a good listener, an experienced teacher, smart, well trained, and with a great sense of humor. She is a total delight to work with.
I wasn’t sure how I would feel about being a student nor how my family would take it. However, it’s great. I would encourage adults with a violin (or viola) at home and were thinking about taking it up again, to do so - and to get some lessons with Sharon. I know that I was not able to do it by myself."

Ann K., Viola Student. Beginner Adult Private Lessons

 "You know, growing up, I didn't have an opportunity to choose or try a variety of musical instruments outside of my limited schooling education.
So, when I learned of this opportunity to learn my favorite string instrument, I queried -what is the difference between the viola and the violin? I was intrigued to find out that the viola has the smooth, lower tone in comparison to the violin, and thought I'd take the challenge.
On the website, lessons are for both adult and children, but it still felt like new territory, so I asked anyway if it was possible to study as an adult. So here I am, like a kid, working out the thrills of new sounds, even scratchy or squeaky, grappling with finger positions, and music practice time and such.
I'm in love with the fact that this is a new adventure and challenge but with the beauty and potential of making musical expression freely. With ongoing tweeks of progress, I just enjoy being able to pick up an instrument and eek out a simple tune.  It's lovely and it's fun." 

Casey and Kellen S., Viola Students. Beginner Viola Class and Private Lessons

"We highly recommend Sharon Waxman as a viola teacher.  Our two sons have taken viola lessons with Sharon for the past six months and have made great progress and improved their ear for music.  Under Sharon’s tutelage they have learned how to use the viola to make beautiful sounds.  To quote our ten year old son’s thoughts on his viola class “ yeah, it’s good.” "

Sandra W. & Daughters, Violin Students. Beginner Violin For Adults and Children

"I found Sharon Waxman through Williston Recreation Department when I signed my kids up for her beginner violin class, and they flourished under her skillful instruction. I enjoyed watching them become budding violinists so much that I signed myself up for Sharon’s adult beginner class for violin. I had never been given the opportunity to learn to read music or play an instrument, and I found the process challenging, but extremely rewarding. Being in a class with other people who were also beginners was a great support. I have taken two classes with Sharon and highly recommended her for those wanting to learn or become more skilled with the violin or viola. Thank you Sharon for all the encouragement, patience, positive reinforcement, and for taking to time to check out the prelude violin I had purchased. Your class was so much fun, and I miss it already. My family is very lucky to have found you!"