Group Classes


I offer introductory group lessons. The classes are kept small, between 5-8 students, so I can give attention to each student while still working with the group as a whole. The goal of these classes is to allow students the opportunity to learn the basics of a new instrument. The introduction of new work, keeps pace with the progress of the majority of the group, and their comfort with the previous week’s lesson.  Students who  progress individually at a different pace always have the option to further their studies through private instruction.      Check back often to see when my next group lessons will be offered.  Dates are listed below.     ***Please note that it is required that the student obtain an instrument prior to the start of any of my classes. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.***

Williston, Vermont

Adult Beginner's Viola and Violin 1 Class   

This class is for students who have never played viola or violin before. If you have played either instrument  please contact me prior to enrolling. 

We will begin with the basics of holding the violin and viola and move on to learning how to read music, and play simple tunes from our method book.

Students should plan to practice on their own at home at least 15-20 minutes, 3-5 days a week. On the first day of class we will go over the proper way to practice in order to effectively learn and retain material we cover in class.      

If you don’t already own an instrument, contact the instructor for information on obtaining one prior to purchasing or renting. Some instruments that are able to be purchased online will not be suitable for this class. You must have your instrument for the first day of class. 

Vermont Violins is a great resource for renting instruments. If you have rental questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (for generic rental questions) or Vermont Violins, Burlington, VT.

Dates:  March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, April 6

Times: 7-8pm

Location: Williston Central School Band Room

Williston, Vermont

Beginner String Ensemble Camp For Kids Aged 7-12. Violin, Viola, and Cello


Has your child started taking violin, viola or cello in school or private lessons this past year? Don’t let their skills fade over the Summer! Enroll them in Beginner String Ensemble Camp! 

These programs will introduce kids to performing in a small chamber ensemble and add to the skillset that they have begun learning if taking a stringed instrument in school. Students should have experience playing violin, viola, or cello for about 1 year in school, or in private lessons, and be able to read music with 1 to 2 sharps in the key signature. If you are unsure if this program is a good fit for your child, or if your child is interested but has played for less than a year, please email the instructor prior to registering: .  Students are welcome to register for both weeks but should know that the pieces we will rehearse and our activities will be similar for both sessions. 

Each day we will play a few new pieces while continuing to polish some from the previous day.  We will break up the morning by working on music and rhythm games that do not involve violin, viola and cello playing so that students can get up and move! It is Summer after all!

Students will need to have their own instruments and bring them to camp each day along with their assigned sheet music. Music will be provided on the first day of camp. Please register according to the instrument the student plays, AND by the dates they wish to attend. The program will be offered in both July and August and will be 1 week in length.  

Goals for chamber ensemble:

- Improve proficiency in ensemble performance 

- Learn how to play in a small ensemble if the student does not have experience performing in an orchestra

- Acquire basic sight-reading skills

- Strengthen technique

- Improve musicianship

- Make new friends and have fun playing music!

Dates: July 20-24, 2020

             August 3-7, 2020

Time: 8:30a-12p

Location: Williston Central School Band Room 

Private Lessons

I offer traditional and online private lessons. 

Students who I see in person will need to commit to a specific day and time each week for their lessons. For school aged students and beginner adults, lessons must be weekly so I can observe technique on a regular basis to prevent bad habits from inadvertently forming. Bi-weekly lessons are an option for late-intermediate or advanced students who already have a grasp on technique. Bi-weekly lessons are only offered late mornings. 

If you live outside of Vermont and wish to study with me, I also offer online lessons. You need access to reliable internet but aside from that, we would meet as if we were in person. Lessons will be at a prearranged time via Facetime or Google Hangouts and payable by credit / debit card via Square. I have limited times available for teaching online and I reserve this platform for students who are unable to be seen in person due to distance. 

Regardless of the platform, students are expected to practice between lessons. If progress isn't being made, I will have a conversation with the student / parent regarding practice techniques so that things start moving in the right direction.  

Duets / Chamber Music

Students who have shown proficiency with basic technique, use of dynamics and have good intonation will be invited to participate performing chamber music with other students in the studio.  As many school districts in Vermont do not offer orchestra programs,  performing duets give students many opportunities in learning musicianship that they normally would not have with simply taking private lessons. 

Students who wish to work on duets, either viola-viola, violin-violin, or violin-viola, will be required to practice assigned pieces in addition to their solo pieces and studies. 

Coaching will also be required for those who wish to study duets. Coaching times will be separate from regular lessons and scheduling will be worked out between the interested students and myself.